Hi there… I don’t need a full name, like Elvis (Costello that is), I’m just CALVERT! I was born in Virginia on April 1, 2009 to a wonderful family breeder as well; Beth at B&B Mini Schnauzers. Although it’s taken Nellie a while to get use to me I’m soooo happy that I have a sibling to keep me company. Mom says she can never have just one of us.

When I was a puppy I ate like a Hoover vacuum cleaner, but as I got older I've become a food snob; I love chicken, lobstah, peanut butter and liver treats! I enjoy decorating, I'm sensitive to my surroundings and everything needs to be just so. My favorite activities are playing fetch and tug with my daddy and doing normal everyday puppy stuff; such as tormenting my sister. That’s what little bratty brothers are for after all.

* Custom Portrait by Dyanna S. Bruno