Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Doggie Makeover...

Hey Nel, what's this groomer thing mommy keeps talking about... ummm?

Well you see, this really great guy comes over and he beautifies us even more. I know we're adorable the way we are but apparently mommy likes having us even more b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l....

You'll see, it's not so bad, just try not to nip at him or else you won't get any cookies! I learned my lesson.

I don't get it, how can you possibly improve on perfection! I mean, after all just look at me, I can't get any cuter than this.

Oh brother! You're kinda cute but dude, please... a little modesty~

Ohhhh.... ummm... I don't know about this, I'm feeling kind of nakid!
I get cookies anyway, don't know why I have to go through this to get another one.

Umm... for once I agree. I keep forgetting how exposed I feel after my grooming. But mommy loves us this way and we dooooo get so many hugs and kisses when we're done.

On second thought, we do look kinda cute? No?


Oskar said...

You guys look fantastic! It should be cooler for you too.

Life With Dogs said...

You look great! Sorry you had to suffer for the sake of beauty. :)

HOPE said...

WOWZIE!!! You two look grrrreat!

Nice grooming!

Worth the cookies! Come see I know!!!

Paws Up!

Diana said...

Yes, you both look good!

- Santa and Minnie

Sasha said...

Oh, you guys look wonderful!

But what a pity your groomer comes over to your house - I always go to my groomer, who's at the same place as my vet. I love it there! They always make such a big fuss over me, and I get to stay there for half a day and have a holiday from my human.

Your groomer is very talented - you look fabulous!

Puppy kisses

The Schnauzer Brothers said...

Hi Nellie and Calvert - you look great. Calvert - you look EVEN cuter than usual (if that's possible!) And Nellie - you are one beautiful lady! Grooming is well worth a cookie - but make sure the humans keep on giving you treats when you get groomed, you've got to be persistant with training them....! Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.